Office of Communication and Brand Management
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MA. Luu Thi Mai Anh

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 ext.702



1. Functions:

The Office of Communication and Brand Management has the function of advising and assisting the Rector to organize activities related to website, communication and brand management of UEB.

2. Responsibilities:

a) Website administration:

- Composing rules/regulations relevant to the website of the University and submit to the Rector;

- Taking the main responsibility in projects to establish, expand and upgrade the website of the University;

- Managing and administering the website of the University;

- Promoting understanding and raising public awareness of orientation, policies of the Party, the State and the University on the website;

- Providing services and information on website as regulated by laws and directions of the VNU and the UEB;

- Assisting other units by providing expertise in administering the website of the units as regulated; inspect and supervise the information on websites of the units;

- Monitoring, inspecting and supervising the implementation of the Rector’s direction on operation of the website;

- Evaluating the websites of other units periodically;

- Confirming publication of doctoral thesis on the websites for fellows;

- Implementing bundled services meeting requirements of the University in certain stages.

b) Media and Communication:

- Assisting the Rector in management of communication by providing expertise in drafting and publishing rules and regulations;

- Taking the main responsibility in undertaking internal and external communication activities;

- Publishing media publications including documentaries, clips, video;

- Organizing press conference as well as contact with the mass media in issuing news for activities of the University; receive reporters to work with the University;

- Working with other units of the University and partners in disseminating information and promoting brand of the University over the mass media;

- Cooperating with the Office of Information and Brand Management of VNU to undertake activities as regulated by laws and VNU;

- Organizing communication/public relations training courses/seminars for staff and students of UEB;

c) Brand Management

- Managing the activities of brand management of the University;

- Developing and managing the corporate identity parkage of the University;

- Developing strategy to promote brand of the University in accordance with periodical development goals;

- Organizing activities to enhance and promote brand of the University;

- Taking the main responsibility in registering brand of the University with authorities.

d) Performing other related duties, as assigned by the Rector.



Office of Communication and Brand Management

VNU University of Economics and Business

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