Attention please!!! New notification of Sunway-Hanu scholarship 2015

Implementing the agreement between the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing - UEB and SUNWAY-HANU office, based on the certification of awarding 20 scholarships to study ACCA (F1, F2, F3) and CFA with the value up to $10.000 which include:

01 80% scholarship ACCA courses

05 70% scholarships ACCA courses

10 50% scholarships ACCA courses

01 70% scholarship course CFA

03 50% scholarships course CFA

(Study at SUNWAY-HANU and valid until June 06/2016)

Faculty Accountant - Auditor informs all the students about the requirements of SUNWAYHANU scholarships the next school year (2015-2016):

1. Eligibility:

- Current Students or Alumni of Accounting and Auditing Faculty

- Students must obtain the average mark of 70% in which English must be from 75%.

- Prioritize students who participate on those activities such as Union - Association, community support, research.

2. Profile Scholarship:

- Academic transcripts of the 2014-2015 school year students.

- Photocopies of certificate for Alumni.

- The application must be written in English or Vietnamese language, and students must clearly express their own understanding about the benefit and the orientation of the course, as well as their future working plan after completing the course. In the application, declare all following information: Scholarship Sunwayhanu 2015, Name, Date of birth, class, Phone, Email, ACCA program (F1 / F2 / F3) or CFA program registration, the personal contribution in the community action if any.

- All documents have to organize as order, place in separate bag, and clearly state which type of scholarship is applied. Submitted documents are not returned.

           Students directly fill and sent to the faculty’s office from November 21st, 2015 to November 26th, 2015

Thai Nguyen

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