Subjects and Methods of The Political Economy

In the morning September 8th, 2015 in a room 406, E4 Building - University of Economics, The Political Economy has organized seminars with speakers is Professor Lyu from Korea Naval Academy, Dr. Le Cao Doan (Vietnam economic Institute) and Dr. Tran Quang Tuyen (University of Economics, VNU).

Opening the seminar, Dr. Pham Van Dung stated purpose and significance of the seminar. The seminar aims to understand and grasp the object awareness and research methods of political economy.

Professor Lyu has presented lecture on research subjects of political economy by analyzing the life history and formation as well as development of political economy. The term "political economy" implied that the decision as well as the economic results are related and affected by political actors. However, with the development of science and mathematics statistics, the economy is separate from politics, forming the subject "Economics", with the goal of applying statistical methods and calculations in modern economic research. Economics is the study based on assumptions about optimization, the rational choice and the conditions are determined and therefore the study results are considered accurate and objective than the Economy Main Tri. However, precisely because of the elimination of political factors in economic research also limits the insights and more comprehensive economic processes. Professor Lyu said that the qualitative research method is suitable for the study of political economy because it allows us to understand the deeper and wider on an issue. Moreover in the case study Nghieu quantitative methods can not be used because of the difficulty of data and the complexity of the economic system and political.

Prof. Le Cao Doan said that with the approach of  The Political Economy has allowed humanity to see rule changes led to the society, and thus help us understand the nature of the formation of capitalism and the market economy. However, with the aim to explain economic phenomena of the market economy, the modern economics was popularized by its use allows the researchers used mathematical models and statistics to serve area of ​​economic processes based on reasonable assumptions.

Dr. Tran Quang Tuyen introduced an overview of the scope and interpretation of the research objectives of the political economy in a number of prestigious international journals. According to Dr Line, the scope and objective study of political economy is understood very wide, covers all fields of research of Marxist political economy, economics theory and application, and especially near here is the field of research and development. About research methods, Dr. Tuyen said that most of the articles in the magazine Top Political Economy Journal of Political Economy as New Political Economy and European Journal of Political Economy are using quantitative research methods as econometric research. It is also a growing trend of positivist political economy "Positive Political Economy" in the United States and the West.

Concluding the seminar, Dr. Pham Van Dung appreciated the new and useful content of the seminar. Dr. Pham Van Dung said that through the seminar to help teachers and students aware of the new and more open about the subjects and methods of research of Political Economy.

Hang Truong


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