Seminar: relationship between geographic location, access control and cash holdings

In the morning of 4th June, 2014, Faculty of Finance and Banking (FFB) – University of Economics and Business (UEB) organized a scientific seminar with experts from Republic of France and Sweden

Main members of the foreign side included Professor  Sabri Boubaker from Law – Economics - Finance Department , Management University of ESC Troyes University System – Republic of France, Dr. Nguyen Duc Khuong – Ipag University of Republic of France and Post-graduate student Gazi Salah Uddin of Linkoping University, Sweden.

Attending the seminar was also the Leading Board and lecturers of Faculty of Finance and Banking, UEB-VNU and other lecturers from National Economics University.

Started from particular observations aiming at cash holding behavior of two group of corporations that located near and far the financial centre of Paris with different radius, latitude and longitude, Prof. Boubaker discovered that corporations located far from the financial centre area of Paris usually suffer less pressure of information control of access control system that cash holding was more common than ones close to the financial centre. With a closely and creatively academic designed research, Prof. Boubaker pointed out the foundation for the topic ‘The relationship between geographic location, access control and cash holdings’ and confirmed that he was the first to assess the affection of geographic location and access control of managers to the amount of cash that corporations tend to hold.

With the voluminous data about corporations of 10 basic industries in the city and the suburb of Paris during the period of 1978-2013, the researching interface is not only wide enough for random effects assessment models but also deep enough to prove the multi-dimensional relationships between industrial characteristics, size, pyramid control scheme, double voting right, dividend, geographical space-time and financial indicators of the corporations.

Prof. Sabri Boubaker presenting the research in the seminar

Most comments from the attended lecturers highly appreciated the academic contributions of the research and many of the comments also said that to apply the model to Europe with big financial centres in Germany, England and small financial centres in Belgium, Luxembourg the research needed to valuate more closely the context and geographic characteristics of each area as much as the endogenous problems between variables needed to be absolutely solved.

At the end of the meaningful scientific seminar, the Leader Board of FFB proposed some contents for research collaboration in the future with the objectives of medium and small corporations in Vietnam and in Pacific Asia if possible.  

The Leader Board of FFB and the delegation took a photo together after the seminar to commemorate

News: Phu Ha (FFB) – Photos: Thuy Dung


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