Center for International Training and Education


Founded in May 2008, the Centre for International Training and Education (CITE), VNU University of Economics and Business has the mission of training specialist managers who have very good qualifications and skills - such as foreign languages, management, operation, who have systematic vision and are thought to meet the strict requirements of the market and have the capacity to easily adapt to the fluctuations of the economy.



Vice Director:

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thanh

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 + 705




1. Functions:

The Center for International Training and Education is a unit under the VNU University of Economics and Business. The Center is responsible for providing training, international standard training programs and academic services; developing faculty and staff; strengthening finance capability and prestige for the UEB.

2. Responsibilities:

- Developing a long-term strategic plan, annual plan that is submitted to the Rector for approval.

- Organizing and implementing joint training programs, overseas study programs and other related activities (student recruitment, designing academic schedule, inviting faculties, preparing textbooks and materials as well as study facilities, students affairs, handling transcripts…).

 - Coordinating with other institutions within UEB to improve the ability of teaching and research for lecturers, and skills of program management for the staff through receiving and transferring advanced training technology from foreign countries.

 - Seeking international partners for training association, research and students and lecturer exchange.

 - Participating in advertising and introducing training programs, overseas study and research as well as developing the brand name of UEB

- Implementing other tasks assigned by the Rector according to Decision 1121/QD-ĐKHT.


Training quality is always the first priority in joint training programs of VNU UEB. To continuously improve the training quality, the CITE has set the following principles after developing the international training programs:

 - Partners award the degrees; training programs are verified and recognized all over the world.

 - The international training programs are similar to those offered in their native countries and are adjusted appropriately to adapt to the circumstance of Vietnam.

 - Lecturers are graduates of famous world universities with teaching experience and practical knowledge relating to teaching.

 - Clients are considered as the center and are supplied with professional services.

 - The learning environment and facilities reach the international standards.



Center for International Training and Education,
VNU University of Economics and Business

E4 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy Rd., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Email:; Website:

Tel: E4 Campus, VNU-UEB: (84-24) 3754.9901 - Fax: (84-24) 3754.9728

Tel: Vietnam - Australia Building Campus: (84-24) 6287.4069 - (84-24) 6287.4023


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