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At signing ceremony agreement on exclusive contract to deliver master program of Public Management in Vietnam between VNU - University of Economics and Business and Uppsala University
The strategic goal for the VNU - University of Economics and Business is to become one of the leading universities in Vietnam, ranking among the leading prestigious universities in the region and in the world.

Cooperation and partnership development activities are implemented in specific objectives. These include: contributing to the capacity of teaching and research, effective management and providing an innovative academic environment for faculty and students; the giving and receiving of technological training, research and progressive management for departments and staff; promoting the UEB brand and enhancing cooperation between departments and staff, thereby increasing the revenue of the university.

In our efforts for cooperative and partnership development the UEB has achieved encouraging results:

1. Partnership development

The University of Economics and Business has cooperated with more than 30 universities and research institutes in 12 countries and territories.

The university has built a strategic network of partnerships with more than 20 major economic corporations, enterprises and leading banks in Vietnam such as Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (Vinashin), the Gami Group, the Vietnam Petrolimex Group, the Ha Noi Business Association, etc.

2. Joint training programs

The university is currently implementing nine international joint training programs from bachelor to doctoral level with prestigious education organizations accredited in the world. Notably, the university was assigned by the VNU Board to implement a joint training program in Master of Public Management with Uppsala University, Sweden for talented leaders and managers who are working for various Vietnam Communist Party and Governmental agencies within 165 Project.

3. International exchange programs for lecturers and students

Annually, about ten groups of international teachers and students take part in UEB’s exchange programs.

The university has faculty and student exchange programs with international partners including Wisconsin University, Connecticut University (United States), Waseda University, Kyoto University (Japan), Roehampton University (UK). In addition, UEB sends around 15 lecturers and students abroad in scholarship programs, exchange programs and international workshops every year. These have included Princeton (United States), Seoul University (South Korea), Beijing University (China), Chulalongkorn (Thailand), Tokyo University, and Oita (Japan).

4. Capacity building and improving technology

The university frequently organizes training courses and seminars on teaching methods, research methods, and management skills to enhance the capacity of trainers, managers and staff. These seminars are conducted by international experts.

The short-term training courses and seminars implemented in 2008-2009 by UEB included a training course on using case-studies in teaching and studying situations; a training course on WTO; training on training framework curricula development of international standards; and a joint training on teaching methods taught in English between the University of Languages and International Studies and Cambridge University (Britain).

5. Fundraising and scholarships

The university mobilizes fund-raising and scholarships from international organizations, corporations and businesses such as ABS Fund (The US), Golden Bridge Scholarship Program, An Binh Bank, Hanoi Stock Company, Doji Gold and Gems Group, Gami Group, Saigon Stock Company, State owned Capital Business General Company, and Saigon Commerce Bank.

6. Organizing events relevant to science and good practice

The university held workshops with the participation of world-renowned scholars such as Professor Tom Cannon - world leading development strategist and  Professor Susan Schwab - Former US Trade Representative.

In the future, the UEB’s cooperative and partnership development will follow these basic directions:

- To actively develop and maximize the benefits of cooperation with our national and international partners 

- To fund our development, we need to exploit international funds, and connect with potential partners both foreign and domestic.

- To access and participate in research projects at the national and international level.

- To professionalize the attracting of sponsorial scholarships.

- To enhance the effectiveness of our international cooperative programs, and to explore the positive impacts of these programs.

- To organize conferences, seminars, and forums with regional and global partners and to widely promote the image of the UEB.

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