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Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Truc Le, Rector of UEB

In the international integration and globalization context, due to demand for high quality human resources, tertiary education needs new approaches to enhance competitiveness of nations. Having a 45-year tradition of development since the establishment of the Faculty of Political Economy, University of Hanoi (1974) upgraded into the Faculty of Economics, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (1999) and currently a VNU member university (2007), the VNU University of Economics and Business is highly proud of the glorious journey which has been written by many generations of lecturers and students over the decades.

Being a cradle of tertiary education, the VNU University of Economics and Business has created, cultivated, and developed talents in the field of economics, management, and business administration. Many graduated students have held leading positions in core governmental agencies while many others have become prestigious scientists or successful entrepreneurs… This is a concrete evidence to persuade the society that the University has strengthened its position and credibility as a prestigious educational institution in the international integration process with accredited academic programs, innovative and practical research, and consultancy provided to the Government, provincial authorities, and enterprises in Vietnam.

VNU University of Economics and Business has always pursued the four core values, i.e., Encouraging creativity, nurturing passion; Respecting differences, promoting cooperation; Highlighting quality and effectiveness; Ensuring harmoniousness and sustainable development. These are considered as a firm foundation for the University to enhance its ranking index; increase the quality of training and research; maximize resources and technical solutions so as to professionalize university management; striving towards more success in the future.

Welcome you to VNU University of Economics and Business. Thank you for having chosen us as a tertiary education destination that can help you advance further in your careers. We will shoulder by shoulder with you to EXPLORE new potentials, CONSTRUCT new opportunities; be CREATIVE to experience and facilitate KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER successfully to bring scientific value and social service up to new heights.

Rector Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le

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