Hoang Trieu Hoa
Hoang Trieu Hoa

1. Information:

Full name:

Hoang Trieu Hoa

Year of birth:











(84-24) 37547506 +101


144 Xuan Thuy Str, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

2. Training process:

  • 1998: Bachelor of economics, specialization in commercial business, National University of Economics
  • 2004: Master in Political Economics, VNU
  • 2015: PhD in Political Economics, VNU

3. Working process:

  • From 2007 to the present: Faculty of Political Economy, University of Economics and Business, VNU
  • 1999 - 2007: Department of Training, Faculty of Economics, VNU

4. Main fields of research and teaching:

  • Political Economics
  • Social and  economic policies
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Income distribution

5. Research works:

5.1. Books, textbooks, specialization books

  1. Textbook : Analyzing social and economic policies, co-authors, VNU Press

5.2  Research papers

  1. Income distribution policies for poor people via social welfares in Japan, South Korea and the lessons for Vietnam. Journal of Asia-Pacific economy, 358, 2012 
  2. Income distribution in the USA and some advices for Vietnam, Journal of Americas today, 171, 2012
  3. Income inequality in Singapore and reflecion on policy making in Vietnam, Journal of Asia-Pacific economy, 421, 2014
  4. Sustainable poverty reduction in Vietnam: Supports of education and health care policies, Journal of Economy and Forecast, 12, 2014.
  5. Policies supporting poor people’s access to basic social services in Vietnam, Journal of Vietnam social sciences, 93, 2015

5.3. Research projects

  1. Policies for income distribution in the marketing economy of Vietnam; University of Economics and Business, VNU, research project, Principal Investigator, 2008-2009
  2. Socialist orientation in marketing economic development in Vietnam, National research project, co-Investigator, 2008-2010.
  3. Income inequality in Singapore and reflection on policy making in Vietnam, University of Economics and Business, Hanoi National University, research project, co-Investigator, 2013-2014.

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