Hoang Thi Huong

1. Personal information:

Full name:

Hoang Thi Huong      


Year of birth:




Academic title:


Foreign languages:





(84-4) 3754.7506        

Cell phone:

(84) 982.920.977

Office address:

144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

2. Education:

  • 1995: Bachelor degree: Faculty of Land Management, Hanoi Agricutural university, From: 1995 to 1999. Major,  Land Management
  • 2010: Master degree: Faculty of Land Management, Hanoi Agricutural university,  From: 2008 to 2010,  Major:  Land Management    
  • 2017: Short training for PhD thesis’s title “Study of the administration and utilisation of alluvial soil in Red riverbed in Phu Tho province” in university of Liege, Belgium
  • 2018: PhD degree : Faculty of Land Management, From: 2014 to 2017. Place of study:  Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Major:  Land Management

3. Employment/Experience:

  • 2019 đến nay: Lecturer of Faculty of political economiy (FPE).  University of Economics and Buiness - VNU
  • 1999-2018: Lecturer, training assistant, Faculty of Land Management, Vietnam National University of Agriculture

4. Research domain:

  • Natural resource and environment management; Real estate management, State management of economics; Agriculture, rural areas and farmers; Management of sciense and technology; Community development; Human Resource Management

5. Publications:

5.1. Articles, working papers (published on journals of science, yearbooks or conferences’ reports)

  1. Hoang Thi Huong, Cao Viet Ha (2016). Real status of the utilization of alluvial soil in Red riverbed in Phu Tho province. Journal of VietNam soil science 2016, number 48.
  2. Hoang Thi Huong, Cao Viet Ha (2017). Evaluating soil quality and orientation for the use of alluvial soils along the redriver in phu tho province. Journal of Science and Development 2017, number 6  
  3. Pham Phuong Nam, Hoang Thi Huong (2018). Challenges for business women in real estate business in the industrial revolution 4.0. International cientific conference  “Women intrepreneurs in the industrial revolution 4.0”
  4. Nguyen Thanh Que Pham Phuong Nam, Hoang Thi Huong (2019). Evaluation of land complant and settlement Dan Phuong district, Ha Noi city. Journal of forestry Sciene and Technology, 2019 number 1.

5.2. Research projects (from state level, ministry/VNU level to UEB level):

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of using agricultural land in Ninh Giang District , Hai Duong Province (implementation period 2010)
  2. Study on the administration and utilisation of alluvial soil along the Red riverside in Phu Tho province (implementation period 2014-2017)
  3. Research to build human resources for rubber tree development project in Lai Chau province (Participants, implementation period 2011 - 2012)
  4. Land and land management policies for ethnic minorities (Participants, 2012 implementation period)
  5. Research on developing green FDI index and solutions to attract green FDI into Vietnam in the near future (Participants, implementation period 2018-2019)
  6. National Assembly decides and supervises the implementation of ethnic policies according to the 2013 Constitution (Participants, implementation period 2018-2019)

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