Dinh Van Toan

1. Personal information:

Full name:

Dinh Van Toan

Year of birth:



Lecturer, School of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business.

Vice Director, Chairman of the Quality Accreditation Council, VNU Centre for Education Accreditation.


PhD, Senior Lecturer.

Foreign languages:






(84) 912102099

Office address:

C1T Building, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

2. Education:

  • 1990: Bachelor Degree in Economics for Energy at Hanoi University of Technology.
  • 1998: Master Degree in Economics of Development at The Australian National University (ANU), Australia
  • 1999: Management of Human Resource Development (10/1998-8/1999) organized by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Mekong River Commission (MRC)
  • 2005: Pedagogy Training at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE)
  • 2004-2006: High grade Political Theory at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration (HCMA)
  • 2009: Leadership and management for leaders at Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC)
  • 2011: Doctor Degree at National Economic University (NEU), Hanoi.
  • 2011: State Management for Senior Expert, National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)
  • 2016: Accreditation of university and professional secondary education, VNU
  • 2018: Senior Lecturer Training course at the University of Education, VNU

3. Employment/Experience:

  • From 02/2019: Vice Director VNU Centre for Education Accreditation.
  • 01/2014- 01/2019: Head of Inspection & Legislation Department, Vietnam National University (VNU);
  • Lecturer, School of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business
  • 8/2011-12/2013: Chief of President’s Office, Vietnam National University.
  • 12/2010-7/2011: Vice Principal, PetroVietnam University.
  • 12/2007-11/2010: Deputy General Director, PetroVietnam University Project Management Board
  • 7/2006-11/2007: Vice Principal, Electric Power University; Director of Centre for Advanced Training
  • 9/2005-6/2006: Vice Principal Electric Power College.
  • 02/2001-8/2005: Deputy Chief of Office, Vietnam Electricity; Deputy Head of Science - Technology - Environment & Telecomunication Department, Vietnam Electricity (EVN).
  • 5/1998-2001: Expert, Department of Personnel & Organizing, Vietnam Electricity (EVN).
  • 8/1990-4/1998: Expert, Electricity Project Management Board, Ministry of Energy (now is Ministry of Industry and Trade).

4. Research domain:

  • Human resource development
  • Organization development
  • Entrepreneurship and startup
  • Corporate governance
  • University governance

5. Publications:

5.1. Books, textbooks

  1. Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Culture of Vietnam, Vietnam National University Publishing House, co-author, 2015.
  2. Corporate Governence, Vietnam National University Publishing House, Ed., 2018.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education: From International Experience to Practicality in Vietnam, Vietnam National University Publishing House, Ed., 2019.

5.2. Articles, working papers (published on journals of science, yearbooks or conferences’ reports)

  1. “Human Resource Development for the Mekong River Basin Development Plan Project”, Working Paper, Report at International Conference: Development of the Mekong River Basin organized by the International Mekong River Commission, 2001.
  2. Guidelines on the National Human Resources Development, co-author, The Mekong River Commission’s Competency Strengthen Program, October, 2001.
  3. “Training Needs Assessment and BDP Indicative Training Plan for Vietnam”, Working Paper at International Conference on the Mekong River Basin Development Plan Program, June, 2003.
  4. “Human Resources training for EVN – Where is the key solutions?”, Journal of Electricity, 2005.
  5. Instructor Training Project in EVN’s Human Resource Development Progress, Report at International Conference: ASEAN’s Power Utility/Authorities Human Resource Development, Langkawi, Malaysia, 2005.
  6. Training Need Assessment –An important activity of the trainning plan in organizations, Journal of Electricity, 2005.
  7. Capacity Building and Training Needs for Vietnam Rural Electrification, International Workshop on Training need assessment for Vietnam Rural Energy II Project, July, 2007.
  8. Current situation of human resource management in EVN, Journal of Electricity, 2008.
  9. Human resources development of EVN until 2015 – need a comprehensive solution, Journal of Electricity, 2009.
  10. Applying the Cobb-Douglas Production Function to estimate the contribution of human resources in the Vietnam’selectricity business result in period of 2001-2008, Journal of Economic & Development, 2010.
  11. Human resources development of Bac Kan province: problems and solutions, Journal of Economics and Forecast, 2015.
  12. Development of Bac Kan’s Human resources to the new period, Journal of Education and Reasoning, No. 240, 2016.
  13. The Role of Entrepreneurship Development in Universities to Promote Knowledge Sharing: The Case of Vietnam national University Hanoi, Proceedings of International Science Conferences "Asia Pacific Conference on Information Management 2016: Common Platform to A Sustainable Society In The Dynamic Asia Pacific", 10/2016.
  14. Start-up in university and university-enterprise partnership: managerial implications for Vietnam, Proceedings of The “International Science Conferences on Emerging Challenges: Partnership Enhancement”, 11/2016.
  15. University - Enterprise Cooperation in International Context and Implications for Vietnam”, VNU Journal of Science, Economics and Business, Vol. 32, N0. 4, 2016.
  16. Promoting university startups’ development: International experiences and policy recommendations for Vietnam, Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development, Vol. 22, No. 90, 7/2017, tr. 19-42.
  17. “Quang Binh Tourism Human Resources on the Requirements of Intergration in Vietnam”, Economy and Management Review, No. 26, 6/2018, 24-31.
  18. “Tourism Human Resources Development for Quang Binh in Integration Period”, Economic Management Review, No. 91, 11+12/2018, 46-58.
  19. “Working motivation of university administrative staff: a case study in Thang Long University and implications for managers”, Journal of Economics and Forecast, No. 33, 11/2018, 133-137.
  20. “Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Eduation: International Experience and Policy Recommendation for Vietnam”, Journal of Economics and Forecast, No.35, 12/2018, 58-60.
  21. “International Telecommunication Market Penetration: The case of Viettel”, Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development, Issue 4, No.96, 2018, tr.32-52.
  22. “Development of Enterprises in Universities and Policy Implications for University Governance Reforms in Vietnam”, VNU Journal of Science, Economics and Business, Vol. 35, No.1, 2019, 83-96.
  23. Nham Phong Tuan, Dinh Van Toan et. al., 2019, “Determinants of individual knowledge sharing behavior in Vietnamese telecommunication firms”, Journal of Economic & Development, No.261, 3/2019, 30-39.
  24. “Entrepreneurial Spirit in Universities Governance and Administration: Experience from the University of Auckland”, Journal of Economics and Forecast, No.23, 8/2019, 57-60.
  25. “Entrepreneurship in Vietnam Public Universities During the Context of Transformation”, Journal of Economics and Forecast, No.30, 10/2019.

5.3. Research projects

  1. Training schools system and the establishment of the Electricity College, the source and mechanism of allocating funds for training inVietnam Electricity, EVN level, chairman, 2001.
  2. Research on compiling documents to guide human resources training and management used in Vietnam Electricity, EVN level, chairman, 2008.
  3. Enterprise model in higher education institutions in Vietnam and Effective Solutions for the Vietnam National University, VNU level, Chairman, 2018.
  4. Entrepreneurship in governance and operation of public universities in Vietnam, UEB level, Chairman, 2019.

6. Other activities:

6.1. Number of PhD degree granted: 1

6.2. Number of PhD candidate currently in training: 02

6.3. Number of supervised postgraduate students have Master degree: 21

6.4. Number of postgraduate students currently in training: 5

6.5. Participate in: Evaluation of the institution's self-assessment report and training programs; External assessment of higher education institutions and higher education programs as standing members of assessment team at the VNU Centre for Education Accreditation (VNU-CEA).

6.6. Chairman of the Quality Accreditation Council, VNU Centre for Education Accreditation.

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