Project title: Improving Vietnam’s accounting system in the process of integrating into the global economy (QK.07.01)

Code number: QK.07.01

Coordinator: Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam

Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business, VNU.

Duration: 6/2007 - 6/2009


  • To present an overview of issues in accounting and accounting systems.
  • To express personal opinions regarding the remaining problems in the legal system of accounting.
  • To investigate the outstanding issues in Vietnam’s accounting system.
  • To present scientific basis and suggestions for improving the accounting system for integration into the global economy.
  • To improve and update the existing accounting curriculum as part of the effort to build a new course entitled “Fundamental problems in Vietnamese accounting.”

Main contents:

  • General study of the accounting system including four basic components of accounting: vouchers, accounts, book-keeping, financial statements.
  • Research focused on the accounting system of Vietnamese businesses from 1996 to present.

Results obtained:

This research consists of a 180-page manuscript with three chapters and a 75-page appendix:

  • Providing updated information for the teaching of accounting in the Department of Business Administration, University of Economics and Business - VNU.
  • Giving accounting lectures as part of the training program for chief accountants in local businesses.
  • Formulating the course content of “Accounting problems of Vietnam.”
  • Presenting a unified solution system to help improve Vietnam’s accounting system in the near future.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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