Project title: Policy on interest rate in the innovation period in Vietnam (QK.04.04)

Code: QK.04.04

Duration: 2004 - 2006

Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics

Manager: MA. Vu Thi Dau

Members: MA. Tran Quang Tuyen, BA. Le Van Anh, BA. Le Thi Nhu Quynh

Results obtained Good 

Main contents:

- Clarifying the theoretical and realistic basis of the interest rate policy in the economic innovation period in Vietnam.

- Generalizing and evaluating reform of the interest rate in Vietnam and its impacts on economic innovation process.

- Indicating the basic orientations in completion of the interest rate policy, accomplishing the process of interest rate liberalization and some solutions to complete and implement the interest rate policy for further development in Vietnam, becoming an important part of the monetary policy, completing the interest rate policy in view of forming developed financial market: intensifying and innovating the economy and actively integrating the international economy.


- Using the interest rate instrument in controlling the inflation in Vietnam - The Magazine of Vietnam National University, Economic Law specialty magazine issued in April 2004.

- The impacts of interest rate in Vietnamese market economy - The theoretical education magazine, issued in September 2006.

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