Project title: Development of agricultural products industry in Vietnam: reality and solution (QK.04.03)

Code: QK.04.03

Duration: 2004 - 2006

Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics

Manager: Dr. Mai Thi Thanh Xuan

Members: MA. Ngo Dang Thanh

Results obtained: Good

Main contents:

Using methods of statistics, comparison, collection, the project indicates:

- The characteristics, roles and conditions of agricultural product industry in Vietnam.

- The experience of agricultural product industry in some countries with similar condition as in Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam will get more useful lessons in the future.

- The reality of developing agricultural product industry in Vietnam, especially that one to export.

- The challenges and points of view on agricultural product industry in the context of international integration.

- Some more effective solutions for promoting the agricultural product industry.


- Solutions for developing agricultural, forestry and aquatic product industry in view of international integration - Scientific Conference ‘‘Vietnam: Challenges in the process of international integration’’, Hanoi, November 2004.

- Process industry of wooden furniture for export in Vietnam - Reality and solutions - Economics and Forecast Magazine, Issue 10/2005.

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