Project title: Human resource development in the University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (KT.08.08)

Code: KT.08.08

Coordinator: MA. Canh Chi Dung

Participants: University of Economics and Business, VNU.

Duration: From 8/2008 to 8/2009



  • Clarifying the hypothesis on development of human resources; proposing novel ideas and suggesting alternatives for development of human resources in University of Economics and Business.


Implementing the goals, authors search, systemize and employ the theory and practice of human resource development to prove comments and recommend initial options as follows:

Theoretical argument: Systemization of ideas on human resources and their developments; characteristics of human resources in universities; factors affecting resource development in universities.

Practical argument:

+ Studying human resource and its situation of development in universities (both in Vietnam and world-wide).

+ Researching and practical human resource development of human resources at the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Main contents:

The project's emphases are as followed:

  • Clarifying human resource development's focuses, which are: specification of criteria and its mechanism of development, of which the 2nd one is the deciding element.

  • Studying criteria for human resources development in Vietnam and world wide universities; proposing criteria for the development of human resources fitting in objectives set by University of Economics and Business.

  • Surveying current situation and mechanism of development of human resources in accordance with intended goals.

  • Take out 02 recommendations to the authorities (Ministry of Education and Training; Vietnam National University, Hanoi); 04 suggestions for University of Economics and Business so as to develop human resources.

Results obtainted:

  • The research is a valuable reference for both graduates and undergraduates of business administration.

  • Contribution assistance to staff's direction of the work in University of Economics and Business, systemization of theory, drawing in mind the state of Human Resources for in-time adjustments in the task of human resource management.

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