Project title: The testing design and management operations at Faculty of Economics - VNU (KT.06.05)

Code: KT.06.05

Duration: 2006 - 2008

Participants: Faculty of Economics - VNU (now is University of Economics and Business - VNU

Manager: MA. Hoang Trieu Hoa

Main contents:

  • Evaluating the achievements and progress of students is one of the most critical factors in determining the quality of the training process. The evaluation not only lets trainers and trainees define the quality of training process but also helps the administrators adjust the training plans, testing methods and effectively controls all others factors that have influence on the evaluation of training quality. 
  • The evaluation of training processes at University of Economics and Business (UEB) - VNU (former Faculty of Economics) is being conducted basing on the regulations of Vietnam National University and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). In general, these processes, especially the testing design and management processes have not been professional. So far, UEB has still lacked of legal documents as guidance for the accurate, scientific, professional testing design and management processes. Therefore, standardizing the testing design and management at the UEB is a critical issue which needs to be studied and deployed, especially at present, as UEB is on the road of becoming the high quality and internationally recognized university.

Results obtained:

  • Enlightening the current status, achievements and limitations of testing service at Faculty of Economics.
  • Proposing some solutions to complete the testing design and management processes at the UEB by building and managing the test banks.
  • Proposing some strategic suggestions regarding the regulations of test making and test management processes at the UEB.

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