Project title: Adjustment in investment strategy on multinational companies in China - Recommendations for that in Vietnam (KT.05.04)

Code: KT.05.04

Duration: 2005- 2006

Participants: University of Economics and Business, VNU

Manager: MA. Nguyen Viet Khoi


Result obtained: Very good.

Summary of targets, contents and results:

  • Systematizing theories related to direct investment strategy and multinational companies
  • Analyzing global values in chain and how to set up an international production network
  • Building models to adjust investment strategies in multinational companies (in case of China).
  • Factors affecting adjustment in investment strategies of multinational companies in China
  • Recommendations for Vietnam.


  • Factors “attracting” foreign direct investment into China, Nguyen Viet Khoi. Asian- Pacific economic magazine, number 18, 2005.
  • Multinational companies and China’s investment adjustment, Nguyen Viet Khoi. Magazine of international political and economic matters, Number 5-2007.

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