Book: Management

Author: Dr. Tran Anh Tai

Publisher: VNU Publish House

Publishing year: 2007

Published location: Hanoi

Format: 16 x 24cm

Page number: 206 pages

This curriculum used for teaching and studying the management for the regular courses and in-serviced courses of University of Economics and Business and the other universities directly under Vietnam National Univeristy, Hanoi.

This book focuses on the main following contents:

- The overview on management and history of the development of management theory  

- Planning function: Kinds of planning; steps of planing process; target planning, strategic planning.

- Organizational structure: Level and range of management; section division; decentralization and the way of establishing the organizational structure.

- Personel management: Recruitment, assessment, training and personel development.

- Leadership: Human models; promotive motivation; leadership style.

- Examination: Nature of examination, systems of examination, forms and methods of examination.

- Communication in management: elements of transfering the information, information in organization, interpersonal information, obstacles and methods in improving the effects of information transference.

- Making decisions of management: steps of making decision, techniques of making decision, making decision by team and individual.


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