Book: Financial Investment

Author: Tran Thi Thai Ha

Publisher: VNU Publish House

Publishing year: 2005

Published location: Hanoi

Format: 14,5 x 20,5cm

Page number: 560

This is the initiate curriculum in financial investment. It supplies the students with basic and initial knowledge of investment, related basic concepts, fundamental theories of modern investment, and some basic models for analysis, investment appraisal and decision for investment instruments such as bonds, share; and also introduce the way of operation and applications for some derived financial instruments.

The curriculum classifies into 4 parts:

Part 1: “The basic elements of investment” presents the concept of investment, factors governing the investment decision, overview of investment environment especially the financial market, financial institutions and basic transactions.

Part 2: “Theory of investment portfolio” introduces the important theories of modern investment; and then the relationship between the risk and the rate of return which is modeled basing on the inheritable and development opinions such as Markowitz theory, model of ownership capital appraisal, model of multi-elements and theory of appraisal through transaction (hưởng chênh lệch giá)

Part 3: “Security analysis” presents the general process to analyze, appraise and collect the bond and share. The students will be provided the framework of basic analysis, technical analysis and financial report analysis; get acquainted with the initial actions to appraise the share, bond basing on the collected and handled information during the process of analyzing the economy, industry and company.

Part 4: presents the functions and applications of some derivative instruments such as collection right, future contract.

This book can be referred in the library of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, or the material room of University of Economics and Business -VNU.

University of Economics and Business - VNU

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