Book: History of Economic Theories

Author: Pham Van Chien, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh (chief-editors)

Publisher: VNU’s Publishing House

Publishing year: 2010

Published location: Hanoi

Size: 16 x 24cm

Number of pages: 498

The knowledge of economics has been the torch to lighten economic activities carried out by individuals, businesses, nations, regions and the world as well. To understand the humankind’s economic knowledge in a basic and systematical manner, people often study the “History of Economic Theories.”

The book “History of Economic Theories” written by the group of authors from the University of Economic and Business-VNU is a meticulous work. It is for sure that this is not the first time Vietnamese authors write a book of the history of economic theories. But this particular book has shown a specially unique viewpoints of the author when introducing, explainatinging, giving comments of the economic history. The book has been successful in describing the very vivid picture of the economic thinking. When reading the book, readers will have a feeling they are joining in the humankind’ economic thinking and sharing with the well-known economists of economic development.

University of Economics and Business

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