Book: The economic theories in the context of global economic crisis and practices in Vietnam

Author: Co-Authors

From: National Conference Proceedings

Publisher: VNU’s Publishing House
Place: Hanoi

Publishing year: 2010

Product dimensions: 16cm x 24 cm

Paperback: 442 pages

Language: Vietnamese

The global economic crisis started in 2007-2008 in US had spread through all over the world. It impacted heavily on most growing and restructuring economies. Although it showed recovery signals, this crisis has raised a sery of questions of a stable and sustainable development for the global and local economy. One of those question is : what is the role of economic theories for the economic growth?

In such a context, the Central Theoretical Council organized a scientific conference named Major Economic Theories in the World New Context and Implications for Vietnam. The faculties from the University of Economics and Business - VNU parcipated in the Conference with ideas and papers touching on various aspects of the crisis and the lessons that Vietnam could learn from. The book «The Economic Theories in the Context of Global Economic Crisis and Practices in Vietnam » collected all the papers written by the University’s faculties who attended this Conference.

The book has two major issues as follows:
  • The economic theories is the crystallization of human wisdom. It is constantly improved through practices, application in each state of development and with specific condition and circumstances of each country.
  • The economic development history of the mankind is actually the history of practical test of economic thoughts and the choice of economic model. The economic development of Vietnam is not out of this rule.

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