Book: Marketing - Theoretical basis and practices

Author: Nguyen Manh Tuan
Publisher: VNU’s Publishing House
Place: Hanoi
Year: 2010

Product dimensions: 14.5 cm x 24 cm

Paperback: 283 pages
Language: Vietnamese

In responding to the regional and world economic door-open trend and integration following the spirit of the Party and State’s renewal, Vietnamese enterprises have expanded themselves into the domestic and foreign markets. This expansion seems objectively indispensable with various opportunities and challenges set for both the enterprises and the national economy of Vietnam as well. The “marketing” term first appeared in America since the early 20th century which meant ‘to market’. Throughout the 20th century, it evolved into a science in all countries including Vietnam. In order to equip students from the undergraduate and graduate academic programs with the economic knowledge and basic knowledge of modern marketing theory in particular, we would like to introduce to you the book “Marketing: Theoretical Basis and Practices.”

This monographic book introduced very basic and modern marketing theories and practices. At the end of each chapter, a set of useful and interesting questions and exercises was designed for readers to deepen their understanding, to practice quick reaction skills, and to solve problems effectively. We hope you will find it a good source of reference.


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