Book: Services Sector Development: International Trends and Practices

Co-authors: Nguyen Hong Son - Nguyen Manh Hung

Published by: VNU’s Publishing House

Year: 2010

Place: Ha Noi

Product dimensions: 16 cm x 24 cm        

Pages: 282 pages
Language: Vietnamses

Started in the late 20th century and throughout the early 21st century, the service-led-growth became a popular trend all over the world. The services sector development was considered the fender for the world to against the global economic crisis. After the Asian financial crisis occurred in 1997-1998, the “industrialized tigers” such as Singapore and South Korea shifted into “serviced tigers.” After it joined WTO, China step by step enforced a new policy of “service-driven-industrialization.” Similarly, Vietnam made tireless efforts to promote the development of the services sector with an ambition that it would become one of Asian new tigers in the 21st century.

The book “Services Sector Development: International Trends and Practices” was launched to increase public awareness of the services sector development and provide comprehensive references for managers and policy makers who work in the field of services sector as well as lecturers of international economics. We hope you will find the book useful for your work and study purposes.


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