UEBers with a "cross-border" class at OTH Regenburg University

Recently, students of the VNU University of Economics and Business attended the online course held by OTH Regensburg University on Theoretical and methodological issues of International Relations research.

The online course took place from August 2 to 14, 2021 with the participation of nearly fifty students from all over the world including twenty eight UEB’s students and learners. The course was taught by Professor Reinhard Meyers from Faculty of International Politics and Foreign Policy, OTH Regensburg University.


The course focuses on the roles of theories and research methods in International Relations. During two weeks, the students were introduced to basic ontological and methodological concepts and major contending epistemological perspectives on theories and approaches in the field. Furthermore, students were acquainted with the background debates in the philosophy of the social sciences that undergird different methodological approaches.


Nguyen Viet Ha, a student from the Faculty of International Business and Economics, a member of the class said: "I found the professor very friendly and open with passionate lectures and real stories, practical examples for lessons. Before the course, he sent us a lot of materials for reading; slides are concrete and informative. During the course, I had chance to learn and interact the teacher and international friends, which also helped me improve my language skills."


"The course referred to a difficult topic of international relations. Through the course, I learnt a lot about diplomatic issues and global issues between countries that have not been solved such as gender equality, migration. What impressed me the most was Prof. Reinhard Meyers, who engaged us in the class with comfortable and open atmosphere, we felt free to ask and learn. I also met and connected with many international friends after the course." Chu Thi Huyen – a student from the Faculty of International Business and Economics said after the course.

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Tu Thanh (Trans)

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