Talented UEBer to start PhD after completing the bachelor’s degree at world-renowned University

Luong Thi Tuyen, an alumni of intake QH-2010-E Development Economics, impresses other with bright smile. She is also an outstanding student who won the full scholarship to do the PhD at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

During her college time at the VNU University of Economics and Business, Luong Thi Tuyen was passionate about research. This is also the place to nurture her dream in future career. In 2013, Tuyen and her classmates won the first prize in the university-level student research competition. Their research named: "The impact of climate change and adaptation strategy for the livelihood of coastal people in Rang Dong town, Nghia Hung district, Nam Dinh."

"Doing research means days and nights reading documents, collecting information and even big arguments among our teams. Friendship and responsibilities help us put aside the disagreement and continue our work. The most lasting memories for me now was the time we spent in the field trips to Rang Dong town. We remembered the people, their stories and circumstances, which motivated us with the question: What can we do for them?” Tuyen said about her time at the UEB.


Luong Thi Tuyen (2nd from right) with international friends when he was a student at the UEB

During her time at the UEB, Tuyen earned many proud awards such as the third prize in "KEI student paper competition" of the Korea Environment Institute (2015) and the Encouragement Award of Young Science Talent of VIFOTEC.


Luong Thi Tuyen received the Award from the Institute of Environment in Korea in 2015

Tuyen said that it is the dynamic and modern learning environment at the UEB has helped her to achieve many of her goals. "My favorites are the group assignments and presentations, which helped us connected and express our greatest strength.”

With her outstanding academic performance and research, Tuyen started the PhD right after completing the bachelor degree at the VNU University of Economics and Business with the full scholarship from The University of Newcastle, Australia. Currently, Tuyen is taking the position of Director of Training at Amostudy, a startup specializing in applying technology & artificial intelligence in the field of education and training.

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Tu Thanh (Trans)

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