UEBers conquer the VNU Innovation Start-up

In the VNU Innovation Start-up 2021, students of VNU University of Economics and Business have excelled themselves in the competition and become the champions. The joy was overwhelmed when they also won three other awards held by Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

VNU Innovation Start-up 2021 is a startup competition organized by the Standing Committee of the Central Youth Union for students of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and other universities in Hanoi, who are passionate about start-up and development of business ideas.


After nearly 4 months with more than 70 startup ideas from hundreds of students, the final round of the competition came with two representatives from VNU University of Economics and Business: The first prize belongs to Greedu team; the third prize goes to Bandia team. Moreover, Greedu team also won the title of most favorite team.


Greedu team from the VNU University of Economics and Business includes five members: Le Ngoc Anh; Truong Hoang Minh; Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang; Vu Hong Tuoi and Nguyen Thu Thuy. The team was guided by Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen An Thinh - Dean of The Faculty of Development Economics. 

Sharing about the idea of the project, Le Ngoc Anh - Leader of team said: "We are all passionate about natural environment and well aware of the urgency of protecting the environment. So we want to play our small part in protecting our surroundings from the smallest actions. Thus, we found that the age of 5-12 is the age of forming awareness in children, so we decided to choose this audience as the target of the project. From that, "Green Smart Education" was born".

Overcoming many other teams and facing lots pressure and anxiety, all team members found their motivation to “fight” and win the competition. "The competition not only brings together students in Vietnam National University, Hanoi but also from many other universities such as National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology... which made it so competitive. We set our determination from the first round with the goal to reach the top 5.” Truong Hoang Minh said about the efforts of the group.

The joy was overwhelmed when another team from the UEB – the Bandia team won the third prize in the competition.


Bandia has its members coming from the Faculty of Development Economics, including Dao Duy Tan and Le Thi Kieu Oanh. The team developed the ideas: Creating a system of experiential tourism products; meanwhile, developing the mobile app to connect indigenous people with tourists in a friendly environment with the slogan "Living is for experience".

"Participating in the VNU innovation start-up give us more opportunities to expand our knowledge, as well as to improve our soft skills, especially the skills for startup. We also met friends, and seniors who share the same passion with us" - Dao Duy Tan, class QH-2018E KTPT2 said after the competition.

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Tu Thanh (Trans.)

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