UEB’s students to receive research scholarship of Laval University

In 2021, Laval University (Quebec, Canada) sponsors research scholarships for undergraduate, master and PhD students of the Faculty of Development Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business.

Laval University is one of the largest universities in Quebec and the oldest educational institution in Canada. The university was founded in 1663, currently has nearly 43,000 students, including about 6000 international students from 110 countries and territories. In 2019, Laval University signed a cooperation agreement (MOU) with the VNU University of Economics and Business in the fields of training, scientific research and international cooperation.

 Laval University in Quebec, Canada

From 2021, Laval University grants scholarships to UEB’s students majoring in Development Economics who gained outstanding achievements in study, scientific research and social activities. The scholarships are awarded to the four groups of undergraduate students, who conducted excellent research projects and contributed greatly to the youth union activities; two master scholarships in public policy and development and one PhD scholarship majoring in Economic Management, the scholarships worth 500 USD for each group of students, 1000 USD for master student and 2000 USD for PhD students.

Prof. Jean Michaud, Laval University - a scientist with many years of research in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, and also the grantor of scholarships said: “Laval University and McGill University are committed to grant scholarships for students of the Faculty of Development Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business for 3 years.”

The students receiving the scholarships are follows:
1. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhung, PhD student, majoring in Economic Management (research on agricultural tourism management in Cao Bang province) 
2. Vu Linh Chi, master student, majoring in Public Policy and Development (alumnus of Faculty of Development Economics, VNU-UEB)
3. Nguyen Tuan Dat, master student, alumnus of Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU-UEB
4. The student group Le Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Thu Ngan, fourth-year students, majoring in Development Economics
 5. The student group Luong Thi Khanh Ly, Vu Minh Hoang, Dao Duy Tan, third year students, major in Development Economics
6. The student group Tran Quoc Thanh and Le Thanh Trang, third year students, majoring in Development Economics
7. The student group Do Huyen Trang, Dinh Thi Thu Huyen, Doan Thi Thu Huyen, third year students, majoring in Economics
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