UEB’s student who won two prestigious scholarships

Studying abroad may be a far-fetched dream for many students, who could not afford the expenses of living and studying at international universities. With burning desires and valuable tips, UEB’s student Nguyen Nhan Huong, class QH-2014-E QTKD won two prestigious scholarships Seoul National University, Korea and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

"No pressure, no diamonds" - Thomas Carlyle is the favorite quote of the student Nguyen Nhan Huong, which guide him through hardship and difficulties to gain the valuable scholarships.

Receiving the full scholarship from top universities in Korea and Denmark at the same time, Huong decided to take the master programs at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. During his study here, he continued to receive a full scholarship for short-term exchange at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business - one of the top universities in the US.

Nhan Huong continues to receive an exchange scholarship at the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business (USA)

“Studying abroad has broadened my horizon, my knowledge and opened my eyes to the diversity of the world. It’s a valuable opportunities, giving me chances to explore the world, learn about culture and the wonders of life and people” Huong said.

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