Domestic student exchange - Differential experiences for UEB’s students

The international student exchange programs are already familiar with students at the VNU University of Economics and Business. For this academic year, the university offers them a new opportunity of domestic exchange with prestigious universities in the field of Economics in Vietnam.

The current labor market is undergoing great changes with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. It is critical for people in the digital era to have high adaptability and creativity. Therefore, creating an open learning environment for students is extremely necessary. Encouraging students to participate in the domestic student exchange programs with prestigious economic universities in Vietnam will create the advantage for students in the undergraduate training program at the UEB.

Benefits for students when participating in a domestic exchange program:

  • Opportunities to experience a diverse and multicultural learning environment.
  • Opportunities to study and interact with lecturers and students from different universities in the country.
  • Opportunities to develop the soft skills, such as self-management skills, time management, financial management etc.
  • Opportunities to experience different working and learning environment, history, regional culture and cuisine...

VNU University of Economics and Business

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