Business Administration program – Building solid foundation for the Sports Talents

The program is considered to be a pioneering program for the sport athletes. Joining this program, the athletes will be equipped with knowledge, skills and lessons in corporate governance and sports business.

Sport is one of the special field with short career life and high risks during competitions. Many athletes faced certain difficulties in finding jobs after retiring. Therefore, training and providing sustainable career orientation for the athletes is of great importance for the sport managers and the athletes themselves.

The students take a photo with the teachers of the UEB 
Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le -  Rector of of the UEB beat the drum at the opening ceremony

Being ranked among the top universities in Vienam, VNU University of Economics and Business offers the training programs in Business Administration program for Sports Talent as part of its social responsibility.

Player Quang Hai and athlete Quach Thi Lan received full scholarships

The program received registration of many famous athletes such as: player Nguyen Quang Hai - gold medal of 30th Sea games; Hoang Khanh Huyen - Gold medal of the National Sports Dance, Nguyen Thi Hang - gold medal of the 2016 World Junior Wushu Championship, Quach Thi Lan – Gold medal of the 30th SEA Games, Nguyen Thanh Duy - Karate gold medal of the 30th SEA Games, Nguyen Thu Hoai - Bronze medal for the Asian U23 Women's Volleyball Championship 2019.

Mr. Tran Duc Phan - Deputy Director of the General Department of Gymnastics and Sports  

At the opening ceremony of the Bachelor program in Business Administration for Sports Talent held on April 12, 2021, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le – Rector of the UEB said: “Joining this special program, I want you to put the national interests first. I hope to see your joyful smiles when you receive the bachelor's degree from one of the most prestigious university – VNU University of Economics and Business."

Prof.PhD. Nguyen Dinh Duc - Director of VNU Department of Academic Affairs speaks at the opening ceremony
Athlete Quach Thi Lan speaks at the opening ceremony

At the ceremony, the representatives of the UEB awarded full scholarships to 2 students of the program: player Nguyen Quang Hai and athlete Quach Thi Lan.

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Thanh Tu (Trans.)

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