PhD. Le Duy Anh: Party member first need to be a good citizen

As one of ten young delegate attending the 13th Party Congress, PhD. Le Duy Anh – Lecturer of the Faculty of Development Economics, VNU University of Economics and Business shared his thoughts after the event.

Duy Anh spent 12 years living and studying in the UK before returning to Vietnam. He earned his PhD in Development Studies from Cambridge University. His areas of expertise are sustainable development, clean water, sanitation and marine economics. He has participated in many consulting and research projects in Vietnam such as "Research on behavior causing marine plastic waste in coastal cities in Vietnam", "Behavior related to environmental sanitation in the Mekong Delta”.

PhD. Le Duy Anh (third from left) and young intellectuals at the 13th National Party Congress held from January 25, 2021 to February 1, 2021

Reporter: As a young intellectual attending the Congress, what do you expect from the Central Executive Committee?

After 12 years of living and studying in the UK, I decided to return to Vietnam to teach because I have a strong belief in the development of the country under the leadership of wise leaders with Heart - Talent - Vision.

I want the newly-elected leaders to keep their determination to develop socio-economic based on science and technology. Making Vietnam an ideal destination for visitors, investors and workers all over the world. I expect the country's leaders to pay more attention to higher education. Then, Vietnam soon has a regional and world-class university, where young Vietnamese intellectual around the world would return to contribute.

Reporter: Can you share more about the network that you have been participating in?

PhD. Le Duy Anh: After returning to Vietnam, I joined the network of young Vietnamese intellectuals led by Assoc.Prof. Tran Xuan Bach. The network focuses on connecting, supporting and promoting research, innovation and cooperation among the young Vietnamese around the world. Some events of the network such as the Global Young Intellectuals Forum or webinars on sharing skills, experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship have received positive feedback from participants. Personally, I love to bring opportunities to the students of the VNU University of Economics and Business.
Reporter: How did you come to the VNU University of Economics and Business? What do you think about the role of the young generation?

PhD. Le Duy Anh: Back home, I received an invitation from Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Truc Le - Rector of the UEB. Working at the University, I was well supported by my superior as well as all staff and colleagues. By then, I was invited to participate and speak at many big events as well as honored to attend the 13th Party Congress as a guest, which ignite my pride and responsibility in witnessing the ongoing innovation and development of my beloved country.

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