More mature and more friends after international exchanges in Korea

With only 4 months of international exchange at Chung Ang University, Korea, Nguyen Anh Thu from QH-2017-E of Finance and Banking Honor Program, VNU - UEB has been much more mature; especially Thu also have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

Knowing about the exchange of international students between the UEB and Chung Ang University, Korea, Anh Thu planned to practice English to meet up with the qualification of the exchange.

Anh Thu explored Korea with her friends

Regarding the conditions to apply for exchange study, Thu said: “Each student needs to achieve at least 2.5/4.0 GPA and 5.5 IELTS. That students actively participate in extracurricular activities also gain advantage”.

Anh Thu (leftmost) is an active and energetic student and a member of the Media Club (MCC) of the UEB

In Korea, international students always enthusiastically support each other and help each other a lot.

Studying in Korea, Anh Thu registered 16 credits, including 3 majors in Corporate Finance, Intensive Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management and basic Korean. The subjects are taught in English by very funny Korean professors.


International exchange is a golden chance for students to explore famous places of the country, which can be considered as a free discovery tour for international students and exchange students.

Anh Thu dressed in Hanbok - Korean traditional costume


Thu in the lecture hall of UEB

Back at the UEB, Anh Thu has become much more mature and confident in studying style, behaving with friends, communicating with teachers ... This partly shows "globalization" quality is formed in students going to exchange study.


Returning to the UEB, Anh Thu has become much more mature

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