Online learning with guest speaker from Jindal Global University, India

On 6th April, 2020, the class on International Economics taught by Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu welcomed a special guest coming from Jindal Global University – Mr. Rahul Bhandari.

Mr. Rahul Bhandari is the Deputy Director of the Department of International Relations, Jindal Global University (JGU), India. He is responsible for initiating and maintaining strategic partnerships with countries in Europe, Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Middle East and Asia. He is also involved in expanding JGU's relationships with more than 260 partners across 55 countries. His main researches focus on international relations at various universities in Asia.
Mr. Rahul Bhandari was in a online class with students of Faculty of International Business and Economics, UEB
During this session, many issues about tariffs and non-tariff measures were discussed by Mr. Rahul with the students. In particular, Mr. Rahul also introduced the barriers in international trade and the goals of nations when using trade barriers. He also analyzed the case study of trade tensions between India and the US. This has helped students better understand problems that arise in foreign policy in the world.
Particularly, in this case, the two sides could not reach agreement on bilateral import tariffs and measures to limit foreign investment for years, as well as further complex issues. US president - Donald Trump has increased heat between the two sides when concerned about the US trade deficit with India and abolished the application of GSP to India, making it difficult for India to export to the US. Rahul also explained the damage that both the United States and India suffered when the United States imposed restrictive measures on India. During the lecture, Mr. Rahul also discussed Vietnam's advantages in international trade.
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