UEB’s Volunteer Campaign 2021

On 25th September, 2021, the Youth Union and Student Union of the VNU University of Economics and Business held the summary for the UEB volunteer campaign 2021. This is the chance for the students to review the achievements and results of the last two months.

Attending the program, there were PhD. Truong Ngoc Kiem - member of the Central Committee of the Youth Union and Secretary of the VNU’s Youth Union, Mr. Vu Tri Tuan - Member of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of the National Economics University. From the UEB, there were Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong - Head of the Office of Political and Student Affairs, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh - Deputy Head of Office of Admission; PhD. Phung The Vinh – Lecturer of School of Business Administration together with all students of the first intake of the business administration for sports talents; PhD. Vu Duy - Secretary of the UEB’s Youth Union.


Opening the program, Dr. Vu Duy, Secretary of the Youth Union gave an assessment and summary of the volunteer campaign of UEB’s students. Over the two months, the volunteers divided into six clusters to undertake tasks in four places. The students have taken care of and given lessons to children, offered legal lessons and job orientation for the youth. Amid the complicated situation of Covid-19, the tasks were undertaken with strict measure to ensure safety. All the numbers and results of the campaign have been recreated through the emotional Summary report.


PhD. Vu Duy - Secretary of the UEB’s Youth Union summarizing the Youth Campaign 2021

Speaking at the closing ceremony, PhD. Truong Ngoc Kiem congratulated the students on completing their tasks. He also highly appreciated the achievements of the Youth Union in the volunteer campaign.


PhD. Truong Ngoc Kiem, Secretary of the VNU’s Youth Union speaks at the program


The Volunteer Summer Campaign 2021: Over 100 students and lecturers were divided into six groups to undertake various tasks. The campaign gave five classes for more than 100 children, built two playgrounds for the kids, and presented 100 gift sets to students stuck in the Dormitory due to Covid-19, offered legal classes for the youth. The campaign benefited over a thousand children and attracted interest in mass media.

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