Young Pioneers of the UEB

“The country's prosperity largely depends on the young people. The young people who shape the country’s future, must train their spirit and strength, and work to prepare for that future..." That was Uncle Ho's advice to Vietnamese youths - the future owners.

Responding to Uncle Ho's teachings, the movement of “5 good student” launched by the Central Vietnamese Student Association has created opportunities and motivation for students to train and develop themselves. The standards for “5 Good Student” includes Good ethics, Good study, Good physical condition, Good voluntary, Good interaction. Over the years, UEB’s students with enthusiasm, youth, creativity and dynamism have recorded their names in the "golden table" of 5 GOOD STUDENTS at VNU-level.


From left to right: Students Le Thi Minh Huong, Vu Hoang Lan, Cu Huy Nam

"Knowledge is power", understanding this philosophy, UEB’s students are constantly learning, training and cultivating knowledge for themselves. Those efforts have helped them achieve prizes such as “First prize in scientific research for students at Faculty of Finance and Banking for the academic year 2019 – 2020”, “Kumho scholarship for 1% of excellent students”, “Full scholarship for summer course by VNES Polyhedron season 3", "IMG scholarship for talented students" etc.


Besides, the students also take part in various competitions to accumulate knowledge, exchange and learn from each other, creating the identity of “UEBer”. Seven “5 good students” of the UEB include many high-flyer who not only excel academically but also the “key person” in many activities of the University, the Faculty and the youth union. “The chances to live with passion, to learn new skills, to expand our personal network are what we earned after taking part in student movements/activities at the university.” Vu Hoang Lan - 5 good student of academic year 2019-2020, a member of the Research Community for Economic Students said.

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Tu Anh (Trans.)

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