UEB’s student growing through many competitions

Le Minh Thao, student of QH-2020-E International Business understands that “practice makes perfect”. That’s the motivation for her to take part in various competitions, each with their own pressure and value. Through these events, she earned the chances to overcome her limits, challenged herself with new things and lessons in life.

“You cannot guarantee that you will win a prize in a certain contest, but you will certainly get the opportunity to receive many other good things. It’s important to make that opportunity worthwhile”, Thao said. Her journey started with Shining with FIBE, an eloquence competition for students majoring in International Economics, aiming at improving the training quality, promoting understanding knowledge exchange in domestic and international trade and commerce. In the Shining with FIBE 2021, Thao and her teammates won the third prize of the competition.


Le Minh Thao and teammates in Shining with FIBE 2021

Previously, in 2020, Le Minh Thao and her teammates became one of the three best performing teams in the Young Logistics Talent Contest, which was held by the Vietnam Logistics Training Network with the support of the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade). The competition supported potential talents for the field of logistics, meanwhile, raising the awareness for the importance of developing the logistics sector for our economy.


Le Minh Thao (far right) at the Vietnam Logistics Young Talent Contest 2020

Thao continued her journey with the title of the top 5 best teams at the competition "Talented Seller 2020” organized by Sapo Technology Joint Stock Company (sapo.vn). These competitions and challenges built a firm foundation for her to grow up and accumulate knowledge, skills, and experiences.


I never lose. I either win or learn” (Nelson Madela) is the quote that Le Minh Thao loves the most, and it is also the motivation for her. There is no easy path right from the start, so if your start is not smooth, consider it as a momentum to try and learn. It is the failure that reminds you of the mistake and not to repeat the mistake in other competitions. "Try with every opportunity, you will be surprised with yourself after every journey", Thao said.
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Tu Anh (Trans.)

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