Edison students to discover UEB

On April 17th, 2021, the students of Edison School visited and met with lecturers of the VNU University of Economics and Business. During the trip, the students had chance to learn about the admission information and learning environment at the UEB.

Lectures of the UEB and  students of Edison School takes a photo 

VNU University of Economics and Business – a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi – the top university in Vietnam with the Economics and Business field ranked in the group 501-550 by QS Rankings. Its high quality training programs are mainly in English, which help the students master the language and accumulate knowledge to become a global citizens. This helps students continuously improve their language skills, access to international training programs, connect and communicate effectively with foreign students.


During their visit to the UEB, the students of Edison School also learned about the joint training programs in Business Administration with Troy University (USA). Many of their questions about training programs, enrollment information, future job opportunities, domestic and international student exchange programs etc. were answered in detail by UEB’s lecturers.


Besides the academic training programs, the students also learned about various extra-curriculum activities held at the UEB, such as the student-run clubs, start-up competition, research activities etc.


Especially, the students had the opportunity to attend the Business Challenges semifinal - one of the annual start-up competitions for university students all over the country, helping them nurture the start-up ideas and solve the real-world business problems.

Here are some photos of the event: 
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Thanh Tu (trans.)

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