UEB’s students visiting Xuan Hoa JSC

On April 16th, 2021, the group of UEB’s students had a field trip to Xuan Hoa Joint Stock Company in Vinh Phuc Province. Members of the group include 36 third-year and fourth-year students. This activity is part of the program "UEB-Job Fair", which was held to equip the students with practical experiences in real-world working environment.

At Xuan Hoa JSC., the students had chances to witness the production line, learn about the organizational structure and governance of the enterprise as well as the working environment and culture of the company. The leaders of the company spent a lot of time talking with students about the soft skills they need to when applying for the jobs, including language skills, information technology and communication skills, work management, teamwork etc. Over 40 years of development with 600 employees, Xuan Hoa is one of the leading interior accessories manufacturers in Vietnam.

The group of UEB’s students had a field trip to Xuan Hoa Joint Stock Company 

Especially, the students had chances to join the recruitment session held by the company. Accordingly, they took the IQ test and computer skills, submit their CV to the Office of Human Resources and interview with the company's leaders.


Some photos of the programs:

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Thanh Tu (trans.)

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