Joining clubs to enjoy your student life

Joining student-run clubs not only helps students improve their soft skills, but also gives students a lot of fun, entertaining activities and enhance academic performance. Not attending the clubs may be a big regret for any students of VNU University of Economics and Business.

There are many student-run clubs at the UEB, covering from sport, volunteering, music, research etc. The students can choose any of these clubs to excel their talents in various fields, including: Young economics clubs, English club - Beone, Karate-do club, Enactus UEB, SOS music club, S-dancing club, UEB TV, UEB Eagles - basketball club, Accounting Club, Media and Communication Club, ACCU Allstars Cheerleading, Student investment club, Future Entrepreneurs  Club, Big Hugs Volunteer Club, Business Administration Plus, Research Community for Economics Students etc.

Business Challenges - playground for students who wants to join start-up businesses
Bluemoon party for everlasting memories
Semi-final of the contest Art's power
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