Volunteer summer 2020: Tong Bat straight ahead!

At 7:00 am, in front of E4 building, there was a glimpse of a blue volunteer shirt. That day (20/7/2020) the Volunteer Team of the VNU-UEB officially set out to work in Tong Bat commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi.

Yet there were also people who came a lot earlier to see the team off. MSc. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai, lecturer of Accounting and Auditing Faculty, were there with the gift which was 5kg of sausage and 10kg of guava grown by her family. On behalf the Faculty, she gave the gifts to the team and wished them good health and successfully completed the assigned task.


Mrs. Thanh Hai presented gifts to the Volunteer Team 2020 before they went to Tong Bat

The leader of Youth Union of UEB - Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong was also present. Mr. Phong carefully advised the team to ensure absolute safety when they were on duty.

In the Volunteer Team this year, although it was the second time for some members, Mr. Phong said “with different areas, different adaptations and integration are needed”. Therefore, Phong asked Cu Huy Nam - the Team Leader to report his work after each session to receive immediate direction.

Earlier, the Youth Union School discussed the work plan with the Commission and the Youth Union of Tong Bat Commune. The team will operate in the commune for 15 days. The main activities are to propagate and educate reproductive health; Organize summer activities, foster knowledge for children; Train soft skills and computer skills for young people and district Youth Union officials; Help, care and send gifts to poor households in the district area; Help people in the district plant trees - take care of cattle and poultry effectively.



Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong advised the team to keep in touch 24/24 to report work and handle unexpected situations

Before leaving, Nguyen Ngoc Lan shared: “This is the second time I have participated in this program, but I still feel nervous and touched”.


Students of the volunteer team, staffs, and lecturers of UEB before departure time.

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