The story of the Big hugs Volunteer Angel

Over the past 10 years, the Big hugs Volunteer Club (BHVC) has participated in dozens of volunteer campaigns, the exam season supporting, radishe rescue, Chung cake wrapping on Tet holiday, clothes gathering to help poor people.

Small actions big impact

Big hugs Volunteer Club (BHVC) belongs to the Youth Union and the Student Union of the UEB. The club was founded on 11th October, 2010 with the slogan: Show Love, Give Hugs, Share Your Humanity.

Big hugs Club was founded with the mission of bringing volunteerism into each student, helping youth union members to have a healthy lifestyle, promote nationalism and creativity.

During 10 years of operation, BHVC has changed their leaders for 10 times, in which Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc (Ninh Binh) has worked for the longest time. Ngoc shared that most of the club members come from difficult families, so that they have a better understanding of the hardship and asceticism of people in our society.

The name “Big hugs” means hugs, but many people are getting used to seeing as the voluntary angels with youth and enthusiasm in the green color of youth union’s shirt. These hugs and actions are small but always full of affection and love.


“If you drink, don’t drive”

BHVC members were students coming from provinces to learn in Hanoi. who just went to city for studying. Gradually they became actors, singers, furniture repairmen, tailors. Specifically, on one time to visit the “Vi ngay mai” center, all members had to prepare in advance for the shows, plays and singing performance. They also became helpers to clean the entire center and learn how to cook pumpkin porridge to treated patients at K Hospital.

The spread of love

At first, BHVC had only 15 members, until now, this number has increased to more than 200 members. They are students from University of Economics and Business, in which, many of them have a very difficult life, such as the case of Hoang Thi Dung (Hai Duong). Her father passed away early, her mother often has bad health, and her sisters had to earn a living and study by themselves in Hanoi. However, Dung always does voluntary activities very actively, even if she had to take off part-time jobs and lost part of her income. In spite of a volunteering passionate, Dung did not give up studying, in 2017, Dung was the first student in her university course. Another case is about Nguyen Thi Huyen (Vinh Phuc), she also has the same situation when her parents are always sick, unable to do hard work and her family get in trouble and difficult cases in the commune. However, Huyen did not miss any activity of the club. In 2018, when seeing people in Vinh Phuc could not sell radish, Huyen came up with an idea to sell radish in Hanoi and call for everyone participating in “radish rescue”. As a result, dozens of tons of radishes were rescued. When seeing farmers laugh in tears, Huyen and BHVC members were extremely happy.

Extra activities connect BHVC members

Another case is Do Minh Trang (Hanoi), who organized the campaign to donate used clothes and books to support urban children, from the collected items. The campaign renewed used clothes and sent to a mountainous province, Cao Bằng. The campaign is known as the “Mua dong am” and has been to Thanh Hoa, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Quang Ninh with dozens of clothes boxes, thousands of notebooks and other school supplies.

The most recent activity is “Banh chung xanh” in Hai Duong, the cakes have been wrapped and handed unlucky children at Hai Duong Social Protection Center and Social protection center No. 3. Mr. Le Van Dau from Hai Duong, who supported BHVC to cook “Chung cake” said “It is very touching! They are very young, have many hobbies and things to do but always give a part of their hearts to the disadvantaged people in society”.

 Providing free porridge at E hospital

Following BHVC to Pha Lan village, Thanh Lam commune, Ba Che district, Quang Ninh province, we visited the home of diseased soldier Tran Van Phu, 80 years old, in difficult circumstances. In 2018, Mr. Phu was supported by the government to build houses of gratitude, this year his house and kitchen roofs were painted by BHVC.

 Volunteer trip at Ba Che, Quang Ninh 2019


Veteran Phu felt touched when BHVC help repaint the house

Mr. Dinh Binh Long - Secretary of the Party Committee of Tu Ly Commune, Da Bac District, Hoa Binh shared, BHVC and the university’s Youth Union came to volunteer in the locality only for 20 days (2019) but did many meaningful things. For the first time, the village road had lights at night, the martyrs' cemetery was repaired and clean, and the family of wounded soldiers was supported 1 million VND.



Volunteer trip in Hoa Binh province 2018

In addition to the main charitable activities, BHVC also participates in many other volunteer activities such as supporting Exam Season with free motorbike taxi fleet, participating in traffic flow in Cau Giay - Xuan Thuy, Sunflower Festival, participating in the campaign to clean garbage and plastic bags at parks, public places, Green Summer campaign in Hoa Binh, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai etc.

Sincere love

After each volunteer activity is unforgettable emotions and feelings for volunteers. On the journey of "Warm winter Ha Giang 2019", everyone has feeling to share and give more love. At the end of the trip, Tran Thu Thao (Hai Duong) - Chairman of the Bighugs Volunteer Club, gens 10 - shared, “When I was able to go on a practical trip to Ha Giang, I felt that I was luckier than people living in this area. When I have chance to see, witness difficult lives and give clothes, books, I received many happy smiles of children. It was a priceless gift that I received after every trip. Hopefully, these items will help some children in Dong Van town”.

 “Warm winter” campaign in Ha Giang 2019

For BHVC, doing volunteer works and helping people, in spite of the smallest things are very happy. BHVC members always keep in mind the quote of C. Marx “The happiest people are the ones who bring happiness for the most people". The voluntary spirit is still extended to bring the warmth and share the love to every region in the country.

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