The course in method of teaching based on case study and scientific research

In five days from 18th to 22nd August 2008, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (UEB - VNU) ran a course in Method of Teaching Based on Case Study and Scienctific Research for 30 staff and lecturers of the college.

During the course, there was a remarkably enthusiastic contribution of Prof. Nancy K. Napier from Boise State University (US).

The course lasts for five days, focusing on training, improving and upgrading skills for usage and application of case study in teaching and doing research which have been already popular in famous education institutions around the world, especially those training practical business such as Havard College, Business School of Haas (California University, Berkely) - leading applicants of this method. In Vietnam, however, this method is quite new to universities of economics, being mastered by quite a few. The course, thus, is of highly practical significance to the attempt at developing teaching qualities for the staff of College.

Prof. Nancy K. Napier delivering lectures in an interesting way, created a pleasant atmosphere for the class, encouraging the learners to acquire the most knowledge from during the course. More interestingly, Professor had the learners divided into groups in order to discuss directly on different subjects using case study.

The learners attending the course was eager to exchange knowledge and experiences, gaining a lot of precious lessons on teaching based on case study and scientific research. They were all given the Certificate of Completion after the course by Prof. Nancy K. Napier.

University of Economics and Business (UEB) for many years has adopted quite a number of measures so as to improve teaching conditions as well as facilities to ensure teaching-learning quality. One of the key objectives is to renovate training procedure, applying credits programme. Running courses in method of teaching using case study and scientific research is to realize the objective, at the same time encouraging teaching staff to take part actively and effectively in international standard training programmes as well as honorary programmes and international cooperation programmes.

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