UEB - Improving research capacity, international publication for lecturers and staff with internal training programs 2021

On 3 days 3rd ,4th and 10th July 2021, more than 400 teachers and staff participated in the internal training course to improve the research capacity and international publication. The program is organized by VNU University of Economics and University.

The speakers of the program are five UEB’s brilliant scientists with excellent achievement in international publication, including Assoc.Prof.PhD. Le Dinh Hai – Associate Dean of Faculty of Development Economics; PhD. Luu Quoc Dat – Associate Dean of Faculty of Development Economics; PhD. Nguyen Thi Vinh Ha – Head of Department of Environmental Resources Economics; PhD. Vu Van Huong – Head of Department of Statistics and Economic Research Methodology and PhD. Nguyen The Kien - Deputy Director in charge of the Center for Socio-Economic Data and Analysis (CSEAD).


The training course is divided into 6 sessions from general to intensive topics:

  • Topic 1: Basis for selection of quantitative analysis model
  • Topic 2: Application of the Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) in socio-economic research
  • Topic 3: Theory and application of DEA and SFA models
  • Topic 4: Theory and practice of SEM model
  • Topic 5: Theory and practice of machine learning in economics and administration
  • Topic 6: Skills for writing and publishing international articles



The course is conducted to provide forum for lecturers of faculties/school to exchange knowledge and give chances for the young lecturers to learn from the "senior" lecturers. This is also an important activity to realize the university's goal of developing and spreading the "spirit" of research, building a community of lecturers and scientists to contribute to the academic reputation of the VNU-UEB.

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Tu Anh (Trans.)

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