Book: Entrepreneurial Spirit - Heart of an entrepreneur

As the global and local economies are facing numerous difficulties and challenges, leading an enterprise is not an easy task for any businessperson. How to helm a business boat to overcome such huge obstacles is a concerning issue.

Author: Dinh Viet Hoa (Chief Author)
Publishing House: Publishing House of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Year of Publication: 2012
ISBN: 978-604-62-0644-6
Format: 16x 24cm, hardback
Number of pages: 392

Many business leaders choose to put their businesses into idle status since the more they invest, the more likely their companies go bankrupt. It is, however, such challenging environment encourages entrepreneurial spirit of business people so that they will contribute the money and talent for the development of society, and, more importantly, to demonstrate their courage to think, to do and to take risk. They are those having entrepreneurial spirit.
As Vietnam is moving fast in the integration path to join the “global village”, numerous opportunities going along with difficulties are challenging those who want to start businesses. Starting entrepreneurs should have strong will, appropriate thinking and knowledge to advance in terms of both economic and cultural aspects. Success of entrepreneurs and enterprises contribute much to the success of the country in the integration environment.
Fame, money and survival are what every entrepreneur has to compete for when starting their business. When you come up with new ideas and want to become boss, when you believe you can do something better than anyone else, you will become as strong as the little David who defeated the giant Goliath. What helps the “little David” succeed? The book Entrepreneurial Spirit – the Heart of an entrepreneur provides an analysis on the success stories for starting up businesses as well as for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam and the world.

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