Book: Economic History

The book entitled Economic History by a group of authors at the Department of History of Economic Thoughts and Economic History - VNU University of Economics and Business is a scientific work combining the results and experience after 10 years of studying and teaching of the writers.

Author: Nguyen Ngoc Thanh
Publishing House: Publishing House of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Year of Publication: 2013
Place of Publication: Hanoi
Format: 16 x 24cm
Number of pages: 504
The book follows a distinctive approach by going deeply into the nature of some typical economies in the region and the world with impacts on Vietnamese economy. The book also helps readers review the development of the economies from feudal period to modern time.

  • The British economy with the first industrial revolution in the world;

  • The US economy has, after a period of 200 years, emerged to become the number one economy;

  • The Japanese economy which is characterised by the outstanding shift after the Meiji Restoration and the miracle development during 1960 – 1970 period;

  • The Soviet Union economy with centralised planning model and policy of giving priority to heavy industries during industrialisation processs period 1960-1980;

  • Chinese and Southeast Asian economies with significantly impacts on Vietnam;

  • Vietnamese economy from pre-feudal, feudal, colonial and anti-US war to the unification period and economic reform nowadays.


About the author:
Assoc.Prop.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh (chief author) is a graduate of the Department of Political Economics – Hanoi General University and PhD of Australian National University. He is a senior lecturer of the VNU-University of Economics and Business and visiting lecturer to several local and foreign universities. He is an author/co-author of many course books, studies and articles of exchange rate and monetary policies, Vietnamese economy, development economics, history of economic thought and economic history, etc. He is now the Vice Rector of VNU-Univertiy of Economics and Business.
Available at: Center for Journal and Publishing, VNU University of Economics and Business

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