Book: Spirit of Vietnamese business in international integration

In Vietnam international integration, the business community of the country holds an important position, which is the pioneer in the international economic integration.

Author: Hoang Van Hai (Chief author), Nguyen Dang Minh, Nham Phong Tuan
Publishing House:
Publishing House of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Year: 2012
Size: 16cm x 24cm
Pages number: 304
However, along with the fulfillment of the mission, Vietnamese enterprises are now facing a tough challenge, which is limited capital and less business experience, while international market rule is biased no one. In such an unequal correlation, Vietnamese businesses need to know how to make advantage of its strengths to improve the competitiveness and prestige while ensuring the sustainable progress.
The book is the monograph for the bachelor training program at international standard and the reference to those who start a business. In addition, the book also serves the managers in business operating.
With the specific objectives mentioned above, the book contains five chapters and is compiled as follows: Chapter 1 - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai, Chapter 2 - Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh, Chapter 3 - Dr. Nham Phong Tuan, Chapter 4 and 5 - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hai.
In the process of compiling the book, the authors have received the idea suggestions of the UEB’s Management Board and other contribution from colleagues in the country and abroad as well as consultancy from business managers. We sincerely thank the precious guidance and look forward to receiving suggestions for further improvement in the next edition.
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