Recruiting disabled workers, enterprises are entitled to receive funding from Thriive

Kien and Loan, two deaf and mute trainees in Babu's basic sewing course, are now recruited into the main labor force of the business
Since 2005, Thriive Hanoi Project (the cooperation project between Thriive US organization and University of Economics and Business) has associated with the responsibility of supporting small and medium enterprises to develop their production and business, which aims to support the community in two forms of payback: giving their own products or services and creating new jobs for the disadvantaged people. In 2019, the project will renew the requirements for enterprises to receive funding to help more people with disabilities.

For Thriive 2019, along with the agreement of the partner, Thriive USA, Thriive Hanoi wants to support handicapped businesses that the owners are disable people or have a majority of employees with disabilities and and have a purpose to recruit these people into the main workforce. Through repayment activities for Thriive, business owners have found and supported disadvantaged beneficiaries, including the community of people with disabilities.

Employing people with disabilities and giving vocational training for them, helping them to have a stable job and a sustainable income is one of Thriive's long-term missions, although it is not an easy task. Very few businesses choose to train and recruit disabled workers because of the erroneous conception that these people will bring low contribution, affecting production and business development.


Mr Huu, the business owner of Thuy Dung Garment and two deaf and mute trainees (Ms Hien and Ms Lien from the left)

However, there are some enterprises that overcame this apprehension, such as the case of Babu (Thriive Business 2017) and Thuy Dung Garment (Thriive Business 2018), have provided basic sewing courses with the participation of deaf and mute young aldults. These two businesses all have owners who are ordinary people, have never used workers who are disabled. They overcame obstacles to train and recruit these people as the main labor in the enterprise (Babu Enterprise). Interviewing these owners, they realized that people with disabilities have great diligence and high loyalty to the business. They totally admited that the contributions of these disadvantage people are sometimes higher than those of ordinary workers. In addition to the repayment obligation for Thriive Program, this is also a great opportunity for them to implement social responsibility toward the community.

The enterprises which meet our mentioned requirement can apply for the funding here.
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