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Dr. Pham Dinh Vinh handles gifts for the poor.
Khuong Son traditional Clinic (No.15, Lang street, Ha Noi) is a social enterprise that was supported capital by Thriive Ha Noi Project - a cooperated program between Center for Economic Development and Studies, UEB and Thriive Project (United States) to procure production machinery for the sake of business development.

Since being funded, they have given medical examination and treatment for dozens of poor patient for free. The Khuong Son Clinic has a long period of experience on traditional medicine.  The head of the clinic is doctor Pham Dinh Vinh - who has a lot of experiences in traditional medicine and spinal impact for athletes treated at Vietnam Sports Hospital. Although being a small clinic, Khuong Son often organizes health care activities for the poor, and completely free of expenses for medical treatment for patients with special difficulties.

Knowing the Thriive Hanoi Project through the mass media, Khuong Son has officially became Thriive Hanoi's business in 2018 with a perfect repayment plan. They was funded to buy 2 machines with a total value is 220 million VND that helping osteoarthritis treatment, from which the clinic has more tools for better and more intensive treatment for patients.


This is the first free medical treatment of the clinic in 2019 with 10 people getting free examinations and being prescribed free pills. Mr. Vinh and his wife, Mrs. Thuy went to schools to understand the difficult living conditions of the disadvantaged and helped them out. The first case got their assistance is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Chai (73 years old) with his grandson, Nguyen Tat Chung (10 years old) living in Binh Da village, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi. Chung’s father passed away and his mom left home so he lives with his grandma and they find it hard to make the ends meets. The difficult life leads to his malnutrition and abnormal bone growth. Mr. Vinh becomes his godfather, provides him free treatments and supports him in many ways. Besides this case, the clinic plans to prescribe pills freely for 50 people in 5 stages, donates 40,000 medical seedlings for 40 households to grow and develop medical plants.


In the same time, it ensures outputs for growers, creates livelihood opportunities, increases income for people and helps the disadvantaged to find suitable jobs with better development opportunities. This is also one of the ways how businesses borrowing from Thriive Hanoi Project repay. They use their services and products to contribute to society.

Thriive program assists the clinic to borrow money to invest 2 treatment machines for bone diseases; therefore, the clinic will have more better facilities for patients. Mr. Pham Vu Thang, Director of Research Center for Development Economics at University of Economics, Vietnam National University in Hanoi said “I am very happy because of the positive impacts of Thriive's loan capital on the clinic. In addition to better activities, the clinic also performs more than the initial commitment to repay debts such as free medical examinations and treatments.

The first- period patients are all in very difficult situations. Among these patients, there are people whose children are innate disable such as  Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dang (Chuong My district, Ha Noi) and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Duyen (Xuan Nguyen commune, Hung Yen province). Especially Mrs.Dang Thi Tuoi whose husband died 4 years ago when she was pregnant a twins. Despite of the weak health, she is struggling to raise three kids that the oldest is just 7 years old day by day by knitting work. These people don’t have stable income and have to mainly depend on agriculture. Doctor Vinh shared:” In the past, the clinic also organized free medical examination and treatment for the poor, but due to limited facilities and the conditions were insufficient, so the support was not much. Since being supported by Thriive Hanoi Project, Khuong Son had more conditions to help the community, especially poor patients in many places. Our principle is no advertisement, no follow the quantity. The patients must be taken care of the best quality of service and be considered as our relatives”.

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