Chat with Alumni of VNU University of Economics and Business in the opening ceremony of the new school year

Mr. Le Tu Minh has a delightful talk with the junior students
At the opening ceremony of the new academic year 2013 - 2014 in VNU-UEB on 20 September 2013, among the participants are a number of alumni who has been successful and become representatives of the partner of VNU-UEB. We had a brief talk with two successful alumni. Following is the conversation:

Mr. Le Tu Minh - Chairman cum CEO of IMG Investment JSC, alumni of the cohort 5 of the Department of Political Economy - Hanoi Collective University (now VNU University of Economics and Business)

- Q: Dear sir, being a student of Cohort 5 (1978 - 1983) Department of Political Economy - Hanoi Collective University, formerly of VNU University of Economics and Business, how do you feel when you come back and reunion with lecturers and current students?

Mr. Le Tu Minh: 35 years ago, like the students today, we are honored to become students of the Department of Political Economy - Hanoi Collective University. On that day everything was lacking, there is not enough food to eat, not enough warm clothes to wear, not enough paper and students do not know what the mobile phone or PC is ... Everyday we walked several kilometers (km) in the sun, in the rain, in the cold weather of the North winter in the north with the eager mood to go to school.

Looking back the last 35 years of Department of Political Economy - Hanoi Collective University which I find very proud of. From a department of Hanoi Collective University to become a well-known university in the country, many alumni have become top leaders of the country. There were 6 people ranked as vice minister, two ministers, two members of the Party Central Committee, many others have become professors, doctors, provincial leaders and successful businessmen ... I'm very proud of this university, where I was trained to become the person as I am today!

Mr. Le Tu Minh  (right) handed "Vietnam talent Scholarship" for VNU-UEB at the opening ceremony

- Q: As the predecessor, what do you want to advise the students of VNU-UEB today?

Mr. Le Tu Minh: What I want to say is there is no success which does not result from learning. Today you yourselves are building a foundation for your future with the honor-buildings of your life. Before, we had to ride for a lot of kilometers to the National Library to read and find needed information, but now you just need to "click" the mouse to have a treasure of knowledge. One-hour-lesson today is similar to one-day-lesson that we had before, I am sure that you have the opportunity to progress more rapidly and further than our generation. So, don’t waste your time, your family, friends and the country is waiting for you, there are always teachers, university and the concern of the community besides you.
On this special day, I feel very happy to see the radiant smile on students’ face. If there were a wish, I just wish to become student again.

- Q: It is known that IMG Investment JSC- where you are working as the Chairman- has awarded VNU-UEB students scholarship package worth 1 billion VND. Can you tell us something about this scholarship?

Mr. Le Tu Minh: We are happy to contribute our best in construction and development of VNU-UEB, supporting the student and giving talented students a chance to be successful. The scholarship package of 1 billion VND will be divided into 10 years, with 100 million per year for 3 scholarships: 60 million for the most outstanding student of the year, 30 million for the 2nd place and 10 million for the third place 3. Our scholarship is named "Vietnam Talent Scholarships" and we expect the students to receive this scholarship will be successful and contribute positively to society later.

Mr. Tran Quang Binh - Director of BIDV in Hanoi West Branch, alumni of Cohort 38 (1993-1997) Faculty of Economics, Vietnam National University Hanoi, now VNU University of Economics and Business:

- Q:
Hi Mr. Binh! Returning after many years, particularly in the opening ceremony, how do you feel?

Mr. Tran Quang Binh
: Just as Mr. Minh has shared, it is very touching when coming back to university. After 20 years, I was here to attend the opening ceremony at the university.

- Q: Through the process of learning, working and becoming a successful person - a dream of many students, what advice do you give to students today?

Mr. Tran Quang Binh share touching feeling to witness the opening ceremony of VNU-UEB

Mr. Tran Quang Binh
: I think that the teachers are the people who transfer the method, and the students themselves who must explore, learn and equip themselves with the best knowledge to be capable to meet the job requirements. While studying in Faculty of Economics, I attended a course in the university of foreign language studies, spending the morning in Faculty of Economics and the afternoon in University of Foreign Languages Studies
​​. After graduating with a 2 degrees, I feel very confident. Actually the two degrees supplementing each other, helping me to become who I am today. For the students, I think the most important thing is to have passion for what we do.

 -Q: Recently, BIDV and Vietnam National University, Hanoi in general, and VNU-UEB in particular have signed the cooperation agreement. So what does BIDV Hanoi West Branch plan specifically to cooperate with UEB?

Mr. Tran Quang Binh: I'm very happy and proud that I myself can act as a bridge for cooperation between 2 organizations. The specific cooperation plan between BIDV West branch and VNU-UEB will be a big part of the agreement, the cooperation in research, the banking model practices... are built up by the relevant units. I'm sorry as today I could not represent BIDV to award scholarships to the university for a number of procedures which are not yet completed, however, when there was the commitment of the leaders of both organizations, this can surely be implemented in the near future.

- Q:
Thank you!

VNU-UEB’s students and lecturers in the new school year opening ceremony 2013 - 2014

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