Valedictorian Vu Tran Loc: Studying in VNU University of Economics and Business is a pride!

Valedictorian Vu Tran Loc
The love for economics and pride to attend such a long tradition institution as VNU University of Economics and Business are what Vu Tran Loc - Valedictorian of A1 group intakes of 2013 university entrance exam has shared with the reporter of VNU-UEB's website. Let's talk with this guy!

- Hi Loc, how was your very first days VNU-UEB?

I am very happy! Everything is new: new environment, new friends... I feel so excited!

- You've shared the interest in information technology and engineering. It sounds quite strange for a valedictorian of VNU-UEB, doesn't it?

They are just my hobby, I am very keen on program composition. And you know, I really like to search, discover everything and I can damage something to know how it's operated. I don't know how many damaged items I have made for this hobby, but the thing I remember the most was that I have plugged the bulb into the different bulb bases, then it exploded, I have almost hurt my eyes. It was very funny but also quite risky.

Despite my interest in Technology and Engineering, I just want to self-study and discover on my own. I feel more excited in Economics. Technology and engineering is just a hobby while studying economics will equip me with useful knowledge to manage life better in the near future.

- What major did you choose?

I have chosen International Business and Economics. I love English and it is also my best among 3 subjects in entrance exam, so I think this major will help me to take advantage of that. Besides, Vietnam National University, Hanoi including VNU University of Economics and Business with long tradition in training economics the studying in this institution is my pride. Moreover, my parents are both alumni of Faculty of Economics (former VNU-UEB), then I have heard a lot about the institution.

- Are you afraid that student of Economics have difficulty in applying for a job? What job would you like to do after graduation?

I think if we have the capacity, we will find a good job. Now I do not worry much about that problem but trying my best to study. Later on, I want to do a job that is suitable with my capacity like researcher or lecturer like my mother. I think in terms of research-oriented training, VNU University of Economics and Business is the best, while a number of other economics institutions focus more on profession.

- While other economics students look forward to make money and become rich, why would you like to become lecturer or researcher?

I think everyone needs money, but I want to think of the new ones, then research will suit me.

- How did you feel when you were notified of the highest result and become valedictorian?

Both I and my family were very happy, after 12 years of hardworking study, it is a deserve for myself and my family .

- With such a good result, you must have studied hard for the exam? Can you share a liitle bit on your mode of studying?

Actually the grade 12 is in the most strenuous and stressful year for me. In general, I can achieve the good result by the method: carefully study each subject, widen what we have learned from high school program, do not put stress on myself, do not make yourself bewildered by the thoughts such as how it will be if I don’t pass the exam, what if I pass the bad institution... And one vital thing is the confidence in all competitions .

- 9.25 is not an easy score for the English language. What are the keys in learning English?

Nothing special. Besides having a tutor, I love watching movies with English subtitles. With the interest in information technology, I usually hang on the foreign site of information technology; download materials in English as well, and then I am getting familiar when I read a lot. For the homework, I find myself quite lazy, I just do enough.

- Sharing a little bit about your private life! How do you feel about yourself?

In general, I see myself quite 'crazy'. My hobby is quite different from other students. For example, my friends don’t hear the kind of music that I do, they feel the kind of my favorite movie is boring and I don’t like theirs, either...

I like watching cartoons and psychological drama best. And to me, the most important thing is that films must have the meaning. About music, I like instrumental music and rock. I do not feel like Kpop and Vpop which young people now are really interested in ...

- Thank you for interesting conversation! Wishing you study well and enjoy the student lifetime at the VNU University of Economics and Business!

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