Meet the best examinee of VNU-UEB 2013

The best examinee of VNU-UEB, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong
Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, a small girl from Bac Ninh province, has become the best examinee of VNU - University of Economics and Business in the university entrance exam 2013 with total score for three subjects of 27/30 points.

A brief conversation with Huong in the first day of admission helps me better understand the timid but optimistic girl.

Huong says her score is predictable but she was still extremely surprised when being informed that she is the best examinee of the VNU-UEB. Her family are also happy.

Huong said she studied much harder during preparation period than usual. However, Huong did not put too much pressure on herself and always make herself psychologically comfortable. Huong says she did not stay up late and she always tried to learn theories thoroughly before doing exercises. “It’s easy to say but hard to do. I met a lot of difficulties when learning and practicing. I think each person should find his/her own method for studying because many people may apply the same method but achieve different result”, Huong said.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, born in Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province, is a former student of class 12A1, Thuan Thanh No.1 High School. Huong’s score of three subjects in the university entrance exam: Math 8.75; Physics 8.5; Chemistry 9.5. Huong is a fresh student of the Faculty of International Business and Economics, VNU - University of Economics and Business.

Explaining the reason why she chooses the VNU-UEB, Huong says at first she knew about the school via some books and articles, then she found more information from social media and older students. Huong says she finds this is a very interesting environment and no longer feel nervous when entering the school and prepare for the first academic year.

Huong says that annual number of recruited students of UEB of more than 400 is rather small so that students have greater opportunity to interact with lecturers and with one another, resulting in a friendly and effective environment for study.

“After chatting with older students on “group UEB” (group of UEB student on Facebook) I feel that they are very active and enthusiastic. I hope I will become as active as them”, Huong said about older students of UEB.

Being asked whether she is worried that she could meet a lot of difficulties in finding job due to economics major, Huong says: “I think finding a job is hard in general, yet it depends on how each person try and study. If I have good knowledge and English proficiency, I will be unlikely to be unemployed”. However, Huong admits her English language remains poor since she has paid a lot of attention to natural science subjects. Therefore, Huong says she will spend more time and effort on studying English after entering the school. Moreover, Huong is going to skip the entrance exam to the high quality class and try in the second year in order to spend more time on English.

Talking about herself, Huong says she sees herself as a fairly quiet person who cannot communicate well and have just a few friends. Therefore, Huong hopes she will be able to improve her communication skill during college. Reading the handbook for new students given in the admission day, Huong says she will join the Volunteer Club or Life Skills Club to improve herself. Huong has desired to join volunteer campaigns for long but has never been able to. Huong says, volunteering activities are not only helpful to communities but also useful for students to experience themselves.

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